Colombia Coffee


Colombia Coffee Teresi takes its name from the place of origin, one of the largest producers of this precious drink in the world, able to give beans with a characteristic flavor and contribute to the creation of blends appreciated by major fans.

We are talking about a variant that lends itself to being consumed by different target customers, because with its sweet notes it perfectly balances the natural acidity of the bean.
This is roasted in a not too intense way, giving the drink a not too dark color once in the cup.
The colors change from dark brown to amber, but the texture is dense and creamy whether you decide to delight in a short and concentrated coffee is with a longer.

After just one sip you will feel projected in a warm and exotic setting, surrounded by a round taste and a hint of honey that makes it really pleasant not only the time of breakfast, but also the rest of the day.
Not being too intense, it can in fact be drunk late in the evening, especially if you are used to consuming caffeine even just before going to sleep.

This delicious coffee from South America is characterized by a flavor rich in aromas, which you can catch all if you make a complete and careful tasting.
Using all the senses you can reach the essence of the mixture, favoring a roundness and a softness that have few rivals in the current market.
If you do not want the presence of too harsh hints, this is exactly the solution for you, as it will give the right amount of energy and flavor without being intrusive to the palate.
It is a variant that can be served to guests in different contexts, because it can satisfy more or less all possessing a perfect balance between acidity and sweetness, persistence and delicacy on the palate.

The notes of Colombia coffee

Like any other self-respecting coffee, the Colombia blend also has some special notes, some of which can be picked up immediately, while others are definitely more hidden.
The first element that comes strong and clear on the palate is that of honey, which with its delicate and enveloping flavor makes the experience a moment of true ecstasy for the taste buds.
It is an element that you can find exclusively in this American variant, which immediately brings the person back into a warm and gluttonous dimension.

A more careful analysis can certainly not escape a scent of bitter cocoa and dried fruit, which manage to balance the composition and make it ideal for any occasion.
The mixture is suitable to be consumed inside a cappuccino or in the presence of dry cakes, such as almond biscuits and low sugar.
In addition, it can be used for the preparation of desserts, as it is never too bitter and therefore perfect to combine with sugar and main ingredients.

Colombia Coffee is perfect for…

If you love coffee but do not want a taste too invasive, the Colombia variant is the one that could best satisfy your taste.
It is suitable to be consumed in the morning just awake, when you need a dose of energy but also a note of sweetness that helps to start the day in a more soft and delicate.
The aftertaste will accompany you for a long time and will make you want to take another cup as soon as possible.

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